With years of experience in horticulture, landscaping and plant selection, we’ll transform your yard into a luscious garden with high end plants that flourish in the Victorian climate.

We take on residential, commercial and corporate clients alike. Whether you’re looking for a residential garden renovation or maintenance of a corporate property, we’ve got you covered.

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    Bayside Garden Care

    Specialists in Horticulture and Garden Transformations

    Garden Care

    Bayside Garden care are a team of experienced horticulturalists who specialise in plant selection and transforming tired yards into luscious garden landscapes.

    The owner Nick Brown, has been cultivating fine plants in his nurseries for over a decade. His intimate understanding of which plants thrive in the local micro climates will allow us to build beautiful and sustainable gardens for you that flourish all year round.

    Whether you’re looking to upgrade your residential property or bring new life to a corporate or commercial facility, incorporating a well thought out planting scheme, suitable for the site and complimenting the existing plantings will dramatically increase the appeal of your outdoor space.


    We can install a brand new garden in your property in just a few days. After consultation, our experienced team can build hardscape features such as garden edging, garden beds, gravel paths, retaining walls and new turf.

    We also specialise in the sourcing, selecting and growing plant material.

    Our experienced team also completes the site prep work, excavation and plant removal stages.

    On each day of the project we will keep you up to date as to progress and any new ideas which arise, which will improve your new garden even further.

    We find that collaboration between clients and landscapers results in the best outcome. 


    Garden Services

    Residential Renovation

    Let’s transform your garden with a range of new plants, trees, fresh turf, garden beds, or pathways.

    Corporate Garden Maintenance

    We specialise in maintaining corporate gardens such as age care and apartments.

    Commercial Garden Care

    Our team handles a range commercial garden renovations and maintenance.

    Landscape Design

    Have a professional plan your new garden with landscape design and horticultural consultations.

    Advanced Garden Maintenance

    Regular attention is the best way to keep your garden looking great. It can be difficult to stay on top of your garden’s needs, especially if you’re busy with work and family life.

    Having a professional team tend to it on a consistent basis ensures all the plants stay healthy. Our garden maintenance services include weeding, hedging, pruning and garden edging.

    This efforts keep everything in place and looking orderly. Trimming your plants and grass is an essential part of keeping them healthy in an urban setting. We also take care of pest and disease management which prevents the spread of unwanted bugs in your garden.

    Garden Care Packages

    We offer an ‘All year round’ package which includes around 8-12 visits per year.
    The services and products we provide include:

    • Horticultural and garden design consultation
    • Selecting, planting and relocating new specimens
    • Weeding, planting, mowing and edging
    • Form pruning trees and shrubs
    • Hedging screens
    • Winter and Spring feeding
    • Pest and disease management
    • Late spring mulching with recycled green waste
    • Irrigation testing, servicing and resetting

    Nick and the team offer garden maintenance to home owners and corporate/commercial property owners alike. Regardless of the size of your project, we have the knowledge and manpower to handle garden renovations and maintenance. If you’d like to discuss a garden renovation or maintenance package we are more than happy provide a no obligation quote.

    Customer Feedback

    Olga Zorec

    Nick is highly knowledgeable in planting and landscaping, he provided me with great advice, ideas and assistance, the preparation of the work was thorough, superb plant selection. Nick understood my vision and did a wonderful job all round including watering system, I found him friendly, easy to talk to, organised and very professional. The result is excellent, I will enjoy watching my beautiful garden grow. I can highly recommend Bayside Garden Care to anyone. Thank you Nick for a great job. Olga Z

    Joshua Wiley

    Nick knows a lot about plants and gardens. He and his team cleaned up our garden and made it look great, but what really stood out was all of the advice and tips and questions he answered about how to look after and care for the plants. Great to have an expert and be able to get questions answered. Would definitely recommend him!

    Chloe Munro

    I'm extremely happy with Bayside Garden Care. They've helped me rejuvenate a much loved garden with great advice and ideas that fit perfectly with my preferences. They source the materials, do all the heavy work that's beyond me and keep it all looking good with regular maintenance. Nick is a real plantsman and particularly knowledgeable about tree care. My fruit and ornamental trees have responded incredibly well to pruning.It's great to have a gardener I can trust.