Nick Brown directed Trentham Advanced Trees, a direct sale tree nursery, for ten years before moving to Melbourne in 2017. In that role he and his teams completed dozens of garden installations. Also, Nick designed the gardens as well.

Since then he has worked for Lisa Ellis Gardens, a high-end design and install firm, before setting up his own business again.

He has a propagation nursery as well as strong links in the garden trade in Victoria to source high quality plants. Plants of Gonwanan origin and those of the beech family like oaks are his speciality.

European beech with air prune pots down on the farm.

During his 20s Nick reforested the family farm at Trentham planting over 3000 natives of local provenance as well as an arboretum consisting of mainly Gondwanan and exotic trees, including one of his favourite species Nothofagus alpina, Rauli beech.

N. alpina

He is a Monash University graduate who went on to teach high school Geography and Environmental Studies before shifting back to his first passion of horticulture. He has propagated plants since he was 10 years old and intents to go on till he drops!

Potting up Trentham District 2010s.

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