Landscape Design

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    The first step of any proper garden renovation is landscape design. What sets us apart from other local landscapers is our deep knowledge of local plants and understanding of several garden styles. Also, we offer horticultural consultation as part of our landscape design process. This means you’re able to workshop your new garden ideas to make the best decisions in choosing your new garden style and plantings.

    We offer the following hardscape features such as paving, gravel pathways, dry stonework, edging and retaining walls. These features create contrast and interest, perfect for outdoor entertaining and relaxation.

    Some of the styles we have integrated for our recent clients include:

    • Woodland
    • Native
    • Contemporary
    • Food garden
    • Cottage
    • Low maintenance
    • Lyrical 

    The Woodland Style Garden

    One of the styles for the bayside area is the woodland garden. These gardens have plantings which change through the seasons and typically include a number of deciduous trees with shrubs and perennials planted below. 

    Over the year different plants come in to leaf or flower or fall colour, offering a shifting range of views. Species from mid latitude ecologies are particularly rich in shape and form. Southern China, Appalachia, the Fynbos of South Africa and the Balkan region of Europe are all great examples of woodland communities.

    Many of these species can be adapted to Australasian climates and environments adding colour, form and flowers to our gardens. For example, arbutus from southern Europe, Lagerstroemia (crepe myrtle) from Asia and malus can combine with Australian natives like brachychiton (kurrajong) and elaeocarpus reticulatus (blueberry ash).

    At the mid level shrubs like hydrangea, spirea, philadelphus and fuchsia catch the eye and hide ugly objects like AC units, gas meters and the like.